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For Founders

I'm Rebecca Yip, founder of Supercharge Growth.  

I built my own SaaS company from the ground up, and I know firsthand the struggle of finding marketing that actually fuels growth, not just burns through your budget.

That's why I founded Supercharge Growth. We're the growth partner I wish I'd had: data-driven, execution-focused, and built for the unique needs of startups.

Our Story

T-Shaped Marketers

Traditional marketers often specialize in one area: social media, paid ads, etc. Startups, however, need a team that can see the big picture AND deliver results across multiple channels.

That's where the T-shaped model comes in.

Think of the "T" like this: the vertical line represents deep expertise in a specific area of growth marketing. The horizontal line is the breadth of knowledge across other tactics, plus the strategic mindset to connect them all. This combination is a game-changer for startups because it means:

Faster Results: We identify the highest-leverage channels for your unique business, instead of defaulting to one-size-fits all tactics.

Data-Driven Decisions: Our insights help you prioritize, so you invest in what works, not what's just trendy.

Adaptability as You Grow: We build a growth engine that can scale alongside your business, pivoting quickly as you enter new markets or launch new offerings.

What Makes Us Different

Startup in Our DNA: Our team isn't just advising on growth, we've lived it. We understand the urgency, the need for both big-picture strategy AND quick wins.

T-Shaped Marketers: We combine deep expertise in core growth areas (like SEO, content marketing, paid acquisition) with the strategic flexibility to adapt as your business scales.

Results, Not Just Reports: We're not here to deliver decks, we're here to move the needle. Your dedicated Supercharge expert becomes part of your team, focused on measurable growth.

Your Long-Term Growth Partner: We're invested in your success, from those early milestones to scaling beyond what you imagined. We'll be there every step of the way.

The Supercharge Growth team brings:

Data-Driven Analysis

We uncover actionable insights from your existing data, optimizing campaigns and identifying untapped growth opportunities.

Collaborative Execution

Your dedicated growth expert integrates seamlessly with your team, transforming plans into measurable results.

Strategic Partnership

We're invested in your long-term success. That means celebrating wins, navigating challenges, and relentlessly optimizing for growth.

Experimentation & Optimization

We embrace an agile test-and-learn approach, uncovering high-leverage growth channels and tactics tailored to your startup.


Our experts guide your team in building lasting marketing capabilities, not just executing one-off campaigns.

Founder Mindset

We bring the same urgency, resourcefulness, and relentless pursuit of goals that drive your own success. 

We support you along your growth journey

Our expertise accelerates your journey, wherever you are.

MVP Stage

Founders only

Validating product-market fit, establishing core acquisition channels, and building a scalable growth foundation.

Early Stage

5 team members

Identifying high-potential channels, crafting data-backed messaging, and achieving sustainable growth velocity.

Scaling up

First marketing hire

Partnering together to build your an in-house growth team, guided by our proven playbooks and strategic expertise.

Series A

Funding round raised

Maintain momentum, make strategic decisions, and build your in-house expertise with our on-demand experts specifically curated to help founders and executives ensure their marketing efforts align with the long-term vision


10+ marketers

Continue scaling with the support of a partner invested in your long-term success by having access to ongoing strategic support as your needs evolve, ensuring continued success in every stage your company reaches

Years of experience in growing startups
Days of high-impact journey from MVP to initial traction
Growth marketers in our network
Business campaigns launched by our Marketers

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